The Key To Your Security

I've been locksmithing for well over 20 years and am still loving the work every day. You can call me 24 hours a day 7 days a week for a fast response for anything lock related. Or send a message via the website contact us page if it is less urgent.

I'm a member of Checkatrade and I'll hopefully remember to give you a feedback form to complete if I ever come to fix a lock issue for you.

Customer reviews are so important for new customers finding us. Please see our  reviews page or go to the  Checkatrade or website to see reviews there about the work I've done.

Here's a short list of things I do every day for customers:
Unlocking doors, replacing / upgrading locks, cutting extra keys.

If you have any questions, please pick up the phone and have a chat.

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Emergency Locksmiths throughout Gloucestershire

Getting locked out of your home is a stressful experience and can be a huge inconvenience, but with our 24-hour emergency locksmiths, we can be providing you with quality locksmith services in under an hour. Lock-outs can occur in a number of ways,  from lost keys right through to failed mechanism issues. Here at Locks & Keys, based in Gloucester, we have the skills & years of experience to provide you with a top-class solution to getting you back in your home.

We pride ourselves on non-destructive entry.
We will pick open locks that have lost keys instead of drilling or snapping of euro cylinders.
This means you don't have to needlessly replace locks that you may have a spare key for inside the property.

What We Do

  • Residential Lock Service & Repair
  • Insurance Approved Lock Replacement
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Lock Installation
  • Free Quotations
  • Commercial Lock Services
  • uPVC Door Lock Repair and Lock Replacement
  • Security Upgrades
  • Extra / Replacement Keys Cut on Site

uPVC Door Specialists

The most common doors to have been fitted over the last 10 years, uPVC, are our speciality. These doors contain a multi-point locking system which is secure but, unfortunately, prone to flaws. Our team carry a range of spares, ready to fix and replace any faulty parts, getting your door back to full functionality as soon as possible.

Contact us, in GloucesteR, to speak to our emergency locksmiths about our locksmith services.

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The Problem

uPVC doors are fitted with a Euro cylinder lock, and this standard lock is where the security can, and often does, fail. Intruders can gain access to your property by snapping this lock within 30 seconds. Here at Locks & Keys, we have replaced hundreds of this type of lock, upgrading the security to anti-lock.

The Signs that Your uPVC Door Needs Attention

  • Your Handle Is Not Level and the Lever Has Dropped a Little
  • The Bolts Don’t Engage When You Lift the Handle or It Is Very Stiff When Lifting the Handle
  • Your Handle Is Making a Grinding Noise or Feels Lumpy When Lifting It to Lock the Door
  • The Key Won’t Turn Easily to Lock the Door

If you encounter any of these issues, do not hesitate to give us a call for a free quotation.